FAQ - The audio time machine - SoundSnip
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Legally, where should I take care when I use SoundSnip?
Like with all audio recorders: Make sure you always ask the people around your for permission if you want to record. If everybody agrees you are free to record.
In contrast to traditional audio recorders which save everything once turned on: SoundSnip does never store any audio locally unless you explicitly tap the Capture button.
While listening SoundSnip only buffers audio temporarily (not accessible by anyone and deleted after one minute).

How much does SoundSnip drain the battery?
After two years of optimization, we are happy to say that SoundSnip perseveres more than 75% of your Smartphones battery life time if you run it all the time. That way it’s easily possible to let SoundSnip run all day long. Of course, you decide when to start SoundSnip and you can always switch it off. So if you only need it three hours, just let it run for three hours and switch it off again.

What happens with sound data I capture?
Your sound data stays where it is. On your phone, offline and private. SoundSnip does never upload any sound data. Frankly we don’t even have servers. We don’t want to nor can we upload anything.

If you have more questions, just shoot us a message at support@soundsnip.net! 🙂